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ESNtrain project cancelled

The ESNtrain project, organised by platform GmbH, has been cancelled. Please have a look at the main site for further information. Please also note that ESN AISBL was not involved in the organisation of the ESNtrain project. 


Phase III Started on March 17th

The Regular Booking Time closed on March 16th at midnight.
Actually the Phase III - late booking - System is activated, until 30 hours before the corresponding trip starts. Please note: the Phase III Late Booking is a limited booking service! There is NO possibility creating group bookings and we DON'T longer support participants with a Letter of Invitation for getting VISAs. The personal date can't be changed and the account can't be given to another person anymore. Nevertheless, the spirit of the ESNtrain project is still the same! - Please feel free to join us!

The new payment method for bookings after March 16th is PayPal by which the payment must be done within 24 hours after the booking. Thanks to PayPal now also payments by Credit Cards are possible (VISA & MasterCard). People with a definitive (status "due date") booked trip before March 17th could choose between the Bank and the PayPal Payment Method. The additional costs of 10 EUR per PayPal Payment are paid by the participants (no more bank transfer fees. The full amount reaches our account).

Northern Countries Booked Out

Northern Countries are booked out. Please book another trip whenever possible.

Become a Part of the ESNtrain Project

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There is also a PDF-Version of the FAQ with the booking process included.


Booking information

  1. Who can Book?
  2. Personal Account
  3. Choosing your Trip
  4. Multiple Trips
  5. Group Requests
  6. Compartment Size
  7. Ticket Prices
  8. Booking Status
  9. Bed Assignment
  10. Payment
  11. Changing your Booking
  12. Booking Contact

Questions & Answers

Booking information:

Who can Book? Top

Everybody from the age of 18 can participate in this project and therefore make the booking. Participation is neither limited to students, nor to a specific age group. However, the train serves as communication platform and all passengers are interested in the ongoing intercultural dialogue.
Booking through internet is open until 30 hours before the corresponding departure.

Personal Account Top

Booking starts with entering your data to the booking system. All bookings are personal (identity will be checked when entering the train) and each participant has to register in our database. You will be asked for information about your person (e.g. name, address, nationality, t-shirt size, food preferences). Furthermore you will be confronted with the ESNtrain General Terms and Conditions.
After creating your account, you get a personal confirmation email and a log-in, such that you can check your booking status.

Choosing your Trip Top

As soon as you have an account, you can book any stations along the ESNtrain’s route as place of departure and place of arrival (timetable), in case the trip isn’t booked out. The prices communicated are by booking one trip from A to C (or several, not corresponding trips). In case you book a trip from A to B and then a second one from B to C it could be that you would have to pay more.
Note that the schedule can still change by a few hours because of the international railway network. Please calculate some gap between your flight / connecting train and our train.
After choosing your trip, you will see its booking status. A trip can be ‘requested’ or ‘confirmed’ (“due-date” / “booked”).

Multiple Trips Top

You can book several trips from your account. This makes sense for example if you plan a longer stop in one city and get back on ESNtrain later.
If you book several trips on the same account, the one-time fee of 20 Euros will be charged only once. It is possible, however, that one of your multiple trips is confirmed while the other is still requested. In this case you have to pay each trip as soon as it gets confirmed, which might lead to more than one payment.
If you book a corresponding multiple trip (from A to B and from B to C) it could be that you would have to pay more as by booking just one trip (from A to C).

Group Requests Top

Group requests are not longer possible.

Compartment Size Top

There are 6-berth and 3-berth compartments. 3-berth compartments offer double space in the compartment for double price.
At booking, you will be asked to give your expected going-to-bed time (choices: early/average/late). This has the purpose of avoiding noise-complaints. We will try to group the beds accordingly. Room Parties are just allowed in the category “late”.

Ticket Prices Top

The price depends on the number of trips you book and the number of nights you spend on the train. What station you choose to get on/off within the same day is not relevant for the price, as long as it is within the same trip. If you book several trips at the same day or subsequent trips it could be that you are covered with the day and the night price you would have to pay. Final price to pay stands after you entered the trip(s).

Price within the same trip (from March 17th on):

  • 6-bed compartments:
    • The ticket price is 30 Euros per night plus 20 Euros one-time fee plus 10 Euros lump sum for PayPal transaction.
    • Buying night-tickets in cash in the train there is no PayPal Lump sum but an additional cash-pay-fee of 15 EUR to cover the higher administrative work.
  • 3-bed compartments:
    • The ticket price is 60 Euros per night plus 20 Euros one-time fee plus 10 Euros lump sum for PayPal transaction.
    • Buying night-tickets in cash in the train there is no PayPal Lump sum but an additional cash-pay-fee of 15 EUR to cover the higher administrative work.
  • Day ticket:
    • The ticket price is 10 Euros plus 20 Euros one-time fee plus 10 Euros lump sum for PayPal transaction. No compartment place, no breakfast and limited place for luggage.

This includes the trip, the bed, the bed-linen, a light breakfast plus the welcome package. Showering is mainly organised by the ESN sections and will be free of charge, when ever sponsoring is possible. If not, information on food, showering facilities and internet access will be given in the ESNtrain Guidebook or in a separate flyer.
If you plan a day-trip with your ESN section or a group of exchange students, contact us regarding the fare applicable.
The 20 Euros one-time fee covers the administrative costs and is independent of the length of your trip. However, you will get in return the ESNtrain Guidebook, bed linen and even more. The fee has to be paid only once, even if you participate several times in the journey. Please note, that the one-time fee is not refundable.
The 10 EUR lump sum for PayPal payments as well as the 15 EUR for cash-payments covers the additional costs we have by such payments.

Booking Status Top

After booking a trip, its status is “requested”. In case there will be a free place, this status is set to “due date” (checked every 30 minutes).
As long as your status is “requested”, you are NOT in. Whenever possible, please book then another trip to join us.
As soon as your status is “due date”, you will receive an e-mail with the payment instructions. Please make the payment rapidly within 24 hours by PayPal. As soon as we receive the full amount of your payment, the status of your trip is set to “booked” and you will receive an e-mail of confirmation; from this moment on you are definitely in.
All these e-mails are sent automatically at midnight.

Bed Assignment Top

(bookable until March 16th) and early/average/late sleepers.
You don't have to stay in exactly the same trip to be in the same group as your friend.
We cannot guarantee that people can stay in the same bed all over their
entire trip. However, we will try to minimize bed changes.

Payment Top

After receiving the payment e-mail (sent once a day at midnight) the full amount of money must be on our PayPal account within 24 hours (people with a trip, marked as definitive before March 16th have 10 days for paying on our bank account – They received an according mail).
To pay with PayPal, just click on the button “Buy Now” on your profile and follow the instructions on the PayPal site. It’s possible to pay by credit card (MasterCard & VISA) as well as with EC and through your PayPal Account.
Please understand that we will have to give your bed to the next person if we don’t receive the money in time.

In case your booked trip was confirmed as definitive until March 16th:
You now have the possibility to pay by bank transfer as before or to use PayPal – In case you use PayPal, you also would have to pay the additional 10 EUR for the transaction fee.

If you pay by bank transfer, please

  • Don’t forget to copy your registration code into the payment purpose field.
  • Please make the payment per person!
The SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) system allows paying quickly and without charges. Pick a bank that supports SEPA. Please ask your bank if they support SEPA. If not, you could ask a friend with a SEPA account making the payment for you or you would have to pay the whole transfer fee (Fee Arrangement must be "sender pays all fees"). It’s important that the full amount receives our account.
If your bank does not support SEPA, ask them about the transaction fees! Maybe another bank would be cheaper (fees ranges from 0 Euros about 4 Euros up to 100 Euros).

The payment is also possible in Swiss Franks, as the bank is in Zurich. However, SEPA only works for payments in Euros. The prices in Swiss Franks are (if you book several trips per day or subsequent trips the day and the night costs could be added): 49.50 CHF per night in 6-bed compartment, 99 CHF per night in 3-bed compartment, 33 CHF for the one-time fee, 16.50 CHF for a day-trip without night.
Please pay Euro to our EUR account and Swiss Francs to our CHF account; don’t mix them because of currency differences.

Changing your Booking Top

Changing the user date is not longer possible as the tickets are produced.

Booking Contact Top

We gladly assist you regarding the booking process. In case of any question please contact us on This applies as well to special questions as e.g. group travels or exchange students.

Please note: from March 25th on we just have a limited access to Internet as we will be on tour. The responding time could be longer as usual.