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ESNtrain project cancelled

The ESNtrain project, organised by platform GmbH, has been cancelled. Please have a look at the main site for further information. Please also note that ESN AISBL was not involved in the organisation of the ESNtrain project. 


About ESN

Erasmus Student Network (ESN AISBL) is a European-wide student organisation, created to support and develop student exchange. ESN has more than 290 local sections in 33 countries working in Higher Educational Institutes being organised on a local, national and international level with approximately 12.000 active working members. Its network is in direct contact with more than 150.000 international minded students. 

The aims of ESN AISBL and its sections are to promote the social and personal integration of the exchange students. ESN organise welcome parties and all kind of fun events, all year long. ESN also set up buddy programs, provide information and may even come and fetch you at the airport when you arrive! In a word, ESN is here to make your stay a better, easier and crazier one. 

ESN’s basic activities, - the integration and welcoming of exchange students -, are carried out by its local sections. A section is a group of local students from the host universities. They are the direct contact point for incoming students and organise all the social or cultural events and are an important source for all kind of information. 

Together, all ESN sections in Europe form the International Network, called ESN International. The International Network is managed by an executive board, which is elected by the AGM (annual general meeting) of all sections. Its task is to define the general policy and orientation of the whole network. 

In some countries (e.g. Switzerland), sections are also regrouped in a national board. These national boards offer the possibility to achieve goals of national interest and to strengthen the national network.

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