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ESNtrain project cancelled

The ESNtrain project, organised by platform GmbH, has been cancelled. Please have a look at the main site for further information. Please also note that ESN AISBL was not involved in the organisation of the ESNtrain project. 

Press Releases

Date   Country   Lang   Article  
2009-03-29 - EN ESNtrain Cancelled PDF DOC
2009-03-09   GR   GR   Επιβιβαστείτε!   PDF   DOC
2009-03-05   IT   IT   TUTTI A BORDO   PDF   DOC
2009-02-27   NO   NO   Kom ombord!   PDF   DOC
2009-02-09   SI   SL   Vkrcajte se!   PDF   DOC
2009-02-08   DACH   DE   Bahnzeitschriften   PDF   DOC
2009-02-08   -   EN   Railway Magazines   PDF   DOC
2009-02-04   -   FR   Tout le monde à bord !   PDF   DOC
2009-01-30   -   EN   Get on board!   PDF   DOC
2009-01-30   AT   DE   Ein Zug sprengt alle Grenzen   PDF   DOC
2009-01-30   CH   DE   Ein Zug sprengt alle Grenzen   PDF   DOC